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Welcome to our flower shoppe!

The smell of freshly cut flowers and the warmth of sunlight streaming in from above greet you as you step into this small flower shop, run by two brothers who came to Eorzea with a dream to share their love of flowers with the world. Whether you've come to purchase a seasonal bouquet for yourself or a loved one, or you just want to stop in and chat with the shopkeepers, Arum and Sedum are happy to have you join them.

Arum Eilif (he/him)

Arum has loved flowers from his very first memory of playing among the wildflowers of the village he grew up in. He spent most of his adolescence neglecting the training his mentor tried to put him through, and instead explored the rainforest in search of new beautiful plant life he could add to his journal. Even now, as an adult far from the forests of his homeland, he finds himself easily distracted by pretty things and neglectful of his duties. Luckily, his brother Sedum is there to help keep him focused on the more mundane, yet important tasks of running a flower shop.

Sedum Eilif (He/they)

Sedum found a budding interest in flowers when he encountered stories of the many meanings they could find in people's lives. Though once content to conform to the isolation awaiting a ward of the forest, curiosity once stifled by the traditions and canopies of the rainforest he called home would eventually be enabled by his mentor and the whims of his impulsive brother, Arum. With hope of broadening his understanding of flowers, Sedum remains ever diligent as he follows behind Arum's free-spirited ways.

Master liffus

The Manager